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About The Virtual Food Bank

Social distancing is the new norm. Unemployment in certain sectors is high and many find themselves needing assistance to feed their families – some for the first time in their lives.


Traditionally, food banks distribute essential staples at their stores and warehouses. But in today’s new reality, physically waiting in long lines puts recipients, employees and volunteers at risk from Covid-19.


The Virtual Food Bank (VFB) app solves this problem by enabling non-profit organizations to 1) safely determine food distribution recipients, 2) provide them with credit that can 3) be used for online redemption of essential foods and personal hygiene items and 4) delivery of those items to their homes. No one is put unnecessarily in harm’s way through exposure to Covid-19.

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The Virtual Food Bank was created by Quentin Plomteax for the Wix Hackathon Challenge 2020: Physically Apart, Virtually Connected. It is a prototype model that can be adopted to meet the specific needs of the various organizations providing food relief to their communities.